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Center for Ultra-Low-Loss Power Diamond Transistor
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Main Open Facilities
For more details, please click the name of the each system.
We have started shared-using of the following systems, which were purchased by the 2009 additional budget from the MEXT for Low-Carbon Research Network.

Basically we commence the same operations as the existing systems of NTRC, but we would like to ask your more attentions to the new systems.
1. These systems are highly-functional compared with the existing NTRC facilities, and also purchased by the very particular budget.
@@We would like to request you to submit the application form. (for each system)
2. After the approval, please go through the operation training.
@@There are some requirements to have that training.
(please refer to the followings for more details)
3. Please reserve the system according to the same procedures as the existing systems. (from August)
4. The user, who is currently using these facilities, is approved as 'Power User'.
@@The ePower Userf is unnecessary to go through the operation training, but please follow the 1-4 procedures.
@@The existing user needs to take the 1-4 procedures as well.

Please read and agree on the 'Operational Requirements of Supporting Low-Carbon Research Network', and send us the application form by e-mail (e-mail address: ).

eOperational Requirement of Low-Carbon Research Facilitiesf
eOperational Requirement of Supporting Low-Carbon Research Network – Report of Shared-usingf

1. Diamond Deposition System

@Plasma CVD tool for highly-purified diamond deposition is installed. Homo-epitaxial crystal deposition is possible. It is very useful to obtain various type of doped diamond semiconductor.
Application Form
Operating Specifications
(Responsible Person: KAWARADA)
yVendorz ARIOS Inc.@yModelz custom-order

2. Stabilization system of the base material surface (Special MBE)
@Thermally stable atomic-layer deposition of C-Si and C-N is performed. This surface preparation enhances stability of interface and surface of the diamond MOSFET.
Application Form
Operating Specifications
(Responsible Person: KAWARADA)
yVendorz ARIOS Inc.@yModelz custom-order

3. Precisely Controlled Semiconductor Substrate Alignment, Surface processing, and Bonding System (Special MBE)

@In order to realize direct substrate bonding at low temperature, the surfaces of the substrates are required to be cleaned with appropriate plasma treatments. After pretreatment, the substrates up to 6mm-thick and 200mm-square-size are precisely aligned and bonded under adequate temperature under atmospheric or vacuum environment.
Application Form
Operating Specifications
(Responsible Person: MIZUNO)
yVendorz SUSS Micro Tec KK@yModelz CB200m NP12 BA Gen3

4. Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)

@Insulator films with atomic-layer-thick is deposited uniformly. For example, Al2O3 thin film is deposited on various samples. It is useful to deposit gate-insulator film for diamond MOSFET in our typical application.
Application Form
Operating Specifications
(Responsible Person: NOZAKI)
yVendorz ALTEC Co., Ltd.@yModelz SUNALE™ R-150

5. Focus Ion / Electron Beam Nanofabrication and Observation System

@High performance FIB and high resolution FE-SEM is integrated to realize high speed sample preparation and high precision end-point detection. Precise 3D machining is possible correspond to CAD result. The performances of the equipment are as follows. FIB acceleration voltageFfrom 1 to 40 kV, Max. beam current:50 nA or higher, Mag. on display monitor: from X60 to X250,000. SEM acceleration voltageFfrom 0.5 to 30 kV, SE image resolution:1.0 nmi15 kVj, Mag: from X250 to X800,000ihigh mag. modej, from X70 to X2,000 ilow mag. modej
Application Form
Operating Specifications
(Responsible Person: YUITO)
yVendorz Hitachi High-Technologies Corp.@yModelz NB5000

6. High Voltage Device Performance Tester

@Performances of the power semiconductor-devices made of wide band-gap semiconductor materials, such as SiC, GaN, and diamond, can be evaluated up to high voltage under wide temperature range. The applicable voltage is 3kV and the current is 20A.
Application Form
Operating Specifications
(Responsible Person: SEKIGUCHI)
yVendorz Nagase Techno-Engineering Co., Ltd.@yModelz custom-order

7. Micro-Raman spectroscopy

@Laser Raman spectrometry equipped with confocal microscopy, which can achieve three dimensional imaging with high resolution and sensitivity.
Application Form
Operating Specifications
(Responsible Person: KAWARADA)
yVendorz Tokyo Instruments, Inc.@yModelz nanofinder 30

8. Environment Keep / Control System

@Environment of our facilities are kept an adequate atmospheric conditions with this system to realize best performance of our equipments.
yVendorz Toyoko Kagaku Co., Ltd.@yModelz custom-order