Technical Support Service in the field of Nanofabrication

        - Focus on nanofabrication for various materials and substrate sizes -


  "Nanotechnology Research Center" was established in 2001, for the purpose to promote the research and the education in the field of Nanotechnology. We equipped the various facilities and the equipment utilizing the public funds, such as 'High-Tech Research Center', 'COE', 'Nanotechnology Network (Nano-net) ' and the 'Low-Carbon Network (L-C net).  In addition, we founded the "Institute for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology" for administration.  The institute supporting also general companies and public organizations for research as well as the researches within the university, as an opened infrastructure of nanotechnology that based on the knowledge through the studies in the research center.

The Know-How obtained through operative achievements to date will be leveraged for utilization in the Nanofabrication Platform Consortium. We will execute the "nanofabrication support by electrochemical reaction" and "nanofabrication support by green process and device characterization" focusing on nanofabrication for various materials and substrate sizes.

   FACILITIES   Shared Equipment(Excerpt)      

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> Clean Rooms (212.40m2  176.22m2)


> EB (Electron Beam) Lithography system (ELIONIX, ELS-7700)

> Micro Raman Spectrometer (TOKYO INSTRUMENT, Nanofinder 30)

> Wafer Bonder (SUSS MICROTECH, SB6E)

> High Voltage Prober (NAGASE)

> Electroplating Apparatus (*Custom-made Machine)

> Atomic Layer Deposition Apparatus (PICOSUN)

    We provide technical support service in the field of nanofabrication. These shared facilities are brought together in the "Nanotechnology Research Center" and the researches supported by the technical staff with extensive experience.  Following a process, we will contribute to construction of the research infrastructure of nanotechnology, and promote industrial-academic-government cooperation and combined research.

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